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Courtney Johnson

Program Advisor for AFS Intercultural Programs

Courtney Johnson is an avid cross-cultural programs leader and entrepreneur. She currently is Program Advisor for one of the world’s largest study abroad organizations, AFS Intercultural Programs, partnering with the U.S. Department of State to administer youth exchange programs for global public diplomacy initiatives. She has traveled extensively, partaking in local intercultural education for youth, adults, and professionals. Most recently she ventured to Istanbul, Turkey for the National Security Language Initiative. This year, she will be leading teens on a four-week community service program in Ghana. In addition to international exchange, Courtney has a creative, entrepreneur spirit – currently she’s building nation-wide events for an up-and-coming adult language school - Fluent City - tapping into her love for French, Spanish, and Russian! She also serves as Business Development chair for YTP- Global. All in all, Courtney has a passion for bringing the world of cross-cultural exchange to creative entrepreneurship!