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Marisa Costa

Director of NEXT– Protravel International & Tzell Travel Group
Young Travel Professionals Director of Business Development – YTP Global

Marisa is the Director of NEXT, a joint initiative of Protravel International & Tzell Travel Group, designed to recruit the next generation of travel consultants and prepare them for successful careers. NEXT opens the door to new agents through an intensive in-house training program, job placement services, and professional development opportunities. Marisa also serves on the YTP-Global board in development of new projects, including the recent TravelFutureLab conference and a new venture to help universities better prepare graduates for a variety of travel careers. Between her roles with NEXT and YTP, she has established her expertise in the Millennial market as well as new agent training. Prior to her role with NEXT, Marisa was an Africa specialist on the tour operator side, and previously worked in education.