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Barry Goldsmith

New York, NY
Barry Goldsmith is a professor of both architecture and humor, which he believes is apropos to travel -- since leisure travel should be fun.  He's been to 117 countries and does "travel math."  (He added 7 countries in the former Yugoslavia, but had to subtract two -- Hong Kong and East Germany.)He's been writing a monthly travel column for 5 years, Been There, Haven't Done That -- recommending sites around the world missed by most tourists -- even missed by many natives.Goldsmith has lectured on six continents at embassies, universities, museums, travel-trade shows and is currently doing a long-term lecture series at New York's prestigious 92nd Street Y, European Jewish Architecture & Architects, which is being taped for TV.   He's also the creator, writer and co-host for a joint British/Russian television series, Secrets & Palaces of the Romanovs.  Goldsmith is currently lining up sponsors for PBS for another TV series based on a former course, Great Planned Cities of the World."