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Albert Podell

Albert Podell recently became the first American known to have visited every country in the world. Decades earlier, he was the co-leader of the successful Trans World Record Expedition and co-author of Who Needs A Road, an adventure classic still in print after 48 years. His thrilling new book, Around the World in 50 Years, will be published March 24 by St. Martin’s Press. Al has been an editor at Playboy and several outdoor magazines, reviewed books for the Chicago Sun-Times, managed the literary quarterly that introduced the Beat Generation writers to American readers, and has published more than 250 magazine articles, mostly on adventure.

Destinations of Expertise: Albert would emphasize obscure and seldom visited places like North Korea, Mongolia, the island-nations of the Pacific, New Guinea, Brunei, Kosovo, Belarus, Moldova, and the states of sub-Saharan Africa.